Professor Vladimir Vlad

A bionic hand, a mocking grin and one eye always wide open and alert. That’s Professor Vlad, the exact opposite of Sam Bombonico, who’s a real “baddy”, the antagonist par excellence in the world of cartoons.

After nearly receiving the Nobel Prize for Physics numerous times, but without actually ever winning, Vlad turns on the world of science in order to change the laws of physics that govern our world. His aim is to recreate the laws of physics in his image so that the entire world, the whole universe even, follows his rules.

To this insane purpose he creates thousands of pieces of equipment, which would all be at home in the world of science-fiction, to reshape the universe, to transform matter and, above all, to hinder the good intentions of Professor Sam Bombonico, who he sees as a possible adversary in his quest to win the Nobel prize, which he still hopes to do, perhaps by means of some wicked trick.

Vlad lives on top of a sheer cliff that drops straight down to the sea below, just a few kilometres from Motiontown, in a castle entwined by thorny brambles and protected by a massive wall, a drawbridge and a treacherous road that plummets down to the water. The castle is also an astronomical observatory and secret research centre where an enormous satellite dish, which is able to connect to Vlad’s personal satellite, stands out from the observatory’s pointed roofs and captures (or better... steals) information vital for technological research and the future of science.

With the outlandish machines that Vlad creates inside his castle, the physics world is in constant danger and its eternal rules risk going haywire: only our Sam, using intelligence and the “real” laws of physics, is able to confront the insanity of the impossible laws of cartoons generated by the diabolic mind of Professor Vlad.


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