She works at the university in the particle and high-energy physics laboratory. Extremely intelligent and resourceful, she is not your average scientist because she is practical and coherent, never lost in theories and abstract thoughts but calm and reflective. Her beautiful, provocative and at the same time intelligent appearance would make many tasks easy but she never takes advantage of this situation, apart from in her relationship with Sam Bombonico. Sophie is, in fact, head over heels for the professor and often makes her romantic intentions towards him clear, but which the professor never understands or misinterprets (in his very own way), with consequent hilarious gaffes.

Sophie works with the BISC space centre (“Beyond Infinity Space Centre”) in the construction of a machine-apparatus that produces energy used in space rockets for missions to the planets of the Solar System. In this context and in her laboratory we have the opportunity to learn about modern physics, energy, atomic particles and finally the laws of the motion of planets and space craft, when we visit the BISC space centre. She has an endless host of equipment and she always gives us a few surprises, but every now and then she manages to “squeeze out” a few drops of clean and renewable energy.

She is assisted by the PhD student Ken, who always manages to be right in everything but by saying hardly anything, apart from succinct replies that reformulate phrases and adapt themselves to the question asked: he’s a kind of word chameleon!


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