“Dr. Bombonico’s LOONEY LAWS of Physics – Fun-size scientific adventures” is first and foremost a series with educational content: the basis of these first episodes is “learning through entertainment”, drawing on the English concept of “edutainment”, that is education+entertainment.

This will be used to teach physics, a subject considered by many as being abstruse and incomprehensible.

During the first 52 episodes the principle branches of classic physics will be dealt with, including mechanics, optics, acoustics, electricity, magnetism and thermodynamics. Other episodes will be dedicated to explaining modern physics, substantially different from classic physics, which is based on quantum, atomic and nuclear physics, elementary particle physics and other even more modern fields of study including solid state physics, plasma etc. All the above will still use a new approach: stimulating the children’s imagination before focusing immediately on their rational and logical minds, through situations, scientific facts, ideas and processes relating to physics.

Each episode will be dealt with imaginatively and with great simplicity, adapting the content, as well as for the apparently more challenging areas, to the established target audience which is children between 9 and 13 years of age.

There will also be illustrated examples of the use of particular equipment or technology which have been achieved thanks to the study of physics, such as the laser, space rockets, airplanes, nuclear fission and fusion, spectra, an X-ray machine and, why not, other simple everyday objects like a mirror or bicycle pedals. By contrasting the “exact” laws of physics with the “impossible” laws of cartoons, we can obtain an intriguing and entertaining method with great potential to enable a “gentle” but at the same time “solid” acquisition of the subject.





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