Nandor Zack Willie Maximus Paradowski

Sam Bombonico’s next-door neighbour, the most thick-headed man in town (and in the world of cartoons), is the man with the longest name in the universe (“you need a light year just to say my name!” – he often repeats, confirming his ignorance). You can always find him in his beloved hammock in his garden where he watches the TV from, through his living room window with the volume turned right up. He is an inveterate tele-addict and his knowledge is based on the culture of cinema which he draws on for numerous references during his conversations. By watching various programs and documentaries on television, Mr. Paradowski is curious about what he sees and uses his scientist neighbour to obtain answers. Unfortunately his quotient of intelligence, which is next to nothing, doesn’t allow him to understand, even in the smallest detail, the explanations offered to him, although at the end he thinks he knows it all. Mr. Paradowski has a large guard dog – Quantum – which professor Bombonico doesn’t like very much, despite all the reassurances.


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