Professor Sam Bombonico

A true scientist, a true physicist, a true cartoon! Sam has the right mix of fun, thoroughness and scientific knowledge and is always looking for the best way to relate his “physics adventures” to us. He’s a bit of a bungler and just clumsy enough in his movements, and alternates moments of complete lucidity with amusing lunacy, from where the series gets its name “Looney Laws” – or more precisely – laws that are on the crazy side or a little wacky. Certainly not those relating to physics, however, which Sam is able to illustrate to us with precision and passion, and in a way that entertains us. His life is divided between his house-laboratory in Gravity Street, where the most part of his scientific objects and gadgets are that he uses to demonstrate the theories of physics to the children, and the faculty at “Cartooniversity” where his colleagues and friends work, along with the researcher Sophie, head over heels in love with the professor, and who even makes rather bold advances that the professor never understands or interprets incorrectly with consequent hilarious gaffes.

He is a lively character, sprightly (at times too much so) and dynamic, but at the same time reflective and thoughtful, with sudden black outs and a definitely feeble memory.

“Looney me!” is one of his typical exclamations which he cries when something goes wrong or a sudden madness gets the better of his professional side.

“Bombonico docet” – is whispered by the professor when he manages to illustrate a difficult theory to the viewers or when he feels particularly inspired.

“Now, to the future!” he tells us (pointing with his finger) in sudden scene changes, when the professor goes from any location to his laboratory, which he considers to be a bit of the future in the present world, if none other than his own incredible world.


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